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DJ Stress hits rock bottom

DJ Stress is currently on MTV Channel 65 labouring to promote his 20/20 cricket tournament which is struggling to pick up a buzz. He seems to be the only one who is excited about this whole ill-conceived affair. Worse yet he has shown enormous ineptitude, oops, sorry, meant to say ‘genius’ in scheduling a cricket tournament in the height of the rainy season in no less a country fixed in the tropical rainforest.

Anyways, there he is, on television, asking quiz questions and persons can call in, answer and if they are correct they win tickets.

One of his questions was: “an electric train is travelling in an easterly direction, the wind is blowing in a northerly direction, what direction is the smoke blowing in?”

The other questions are similar.

Is that what television in Guyana has come to? Surely we’ve hit rock bottom now.

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